I’ve been kicking ass at my goals (except for my goal of having less ass)

Since starting this blog approximately 1 post ago, deciding to sell everything I own, quit my job and uproot my life, I’ve been incredibly motivated. I took up another part-time temporary job and have been canvassing on the weekends and evenings, which is super cool because not only am I working hard for a cause that I’m passionate about, I’m also making extra money! I paid an extra $450 to

Starting this blog has been a total pain in the butt but I’m here!

So, starting this blog has been a huge pain in the butt. I have started WordPress blog before, but apparently there is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, it’s a subtle but important differences, and one of the many things I’ve learned before writing this first post. But I’m excited to get started! My blog looks kind of rough right now, and I look forward to looking back on this