Making Moves, Making Progress

February 15, 2019

So, I’m fucking serious about my travel goal.

So serious I quit my job.

Okay, that sound a little dramatic, but I did quit my job. I transitioned to a different job in my company, working nights at a treatment center. Working nights isn’t great, but it is incredibly motivating. Every time I want to waste money on Starbucks or ordering take-out I think, “do I want to be working nights forever?” and the answer is, definitely no.

Plus it frees up a lot of time for me to focus on travel planning, self-care, and gaining skills to possibly, maybe become location-independent. I miss my old job, but it was emotionally draining and I’ve been going through so much emotionally and physically that a “break” is definitely needed. I already feel 90% less stressed out, and I’ve lost 3.4 pounds in the past couple days. Can’t complain about that.

The thing I’m most excited about, though, is the financial progress I’ve been making. Check this out:

Current savings: $8,220.59 / $35,000 (23.48%) – No progress! But that’s not the focus right now.

Weight goal: 3 /100 pounds (3%)

Car paid off: $831.23 / $4769.22 (17.4%)

Student loans: $6,710.72 / $11,307.96 (59.34%) of my starting total, not student loan total

I have less than $10k in debt!!! That’s the lowest my debt has been since I was 17, and could legally accrue debt. So exciting!

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