Progress ft. an Ego Check

Hey blog! So I’ve been working. A lot. And often. At a variety of things.

First of all, I did the canvassing thing. When that ended, I started applying around at different jobs that might have weekend and evening shifts. I applied at Alaska Club, Planet Fitness, Starbucks, and various other part-time jobs. Honestly, I’ve felt stuck lately. Alaska gets really dark and stays that way for a long time, and my goals are keeping me from sitting at home, being bored and sad all winter.

I got a job at a local gift shop a few weeks ago that didn’t work out. I showed up for the interview during my lunch break and they… made me wait. 30 minutes. Finally I had to leave because my lunch hour was over so we rescheduled, and as I was heading back to my regular job I got an email that based on our very limited interaction (rescheduling the interview), the owners wanted to hire me. Cool! $12 an hour, 11.5 hours on the weekend! Cool. It’s a start. I had pending interviews at Planet Fitness and Subway but the gift shop wanted me to start immediately. Neat!

So I get there my first day and they throw me right in. I started right away and there’s… a lot to learn. It’s a coffee/tea/candy/gift shop with a lot of moving parts, a lot of tags, measuring out ingredients, customer questions about specific items… and on top of that, we’re supposed to set up displays and price things when there aren’t any customers, which happens rarely.

But, that being said, everyone who works there was very nice. It was humbling, to be back to cashiering. I’ve been working on my career for the better part of ten years, I’ve come far and worked hard and… I’m back to the beginning. Yes, it’s on my terms, but it’s also incredibly rude people, assuming they’re better than me, because I’m working essentially minimum wage. It was a surprising paradigm shift and a reminder to check my ego.

It was also a little embarrassing because some people I knew in my personal life came into the store and they seemed to pity me, or maybe that’s just how I perceived the situation. I was quick to assure them “don’t worry! I’m just here for student loans! I don’t have to be here!” But even that gave myself insight into my own prejudice and ego regarding being perceived as a service worker. Man, that was a tough realization about myself.

That being said, the gift shop was not a good fit. I won’t go into why because Anchorage is a small town, but ultimately Starbucks offered me the job and it included evening shifts, which the gift shop would not be able to do. I start Starbucks soon.

I’m excited to feel motivated about this trip. I’m excited to research this and plan shape my life around this goal.

Current savings: $8,159.04 / $35,000 (23.33%)

Weight goal: ? (haven’t weighed) /100 pounds (?%)

Car paid off: $0 / $4769.22 (0%)

Student loans: $1,718.63 / $11,307.96 (15.2%)

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