My student loans are below $10k!


First of all! I am OFFICIALLY UNDER $10,000 IN STUDENT LOANS!!!

I’m new to blogging so I don’t really know how to fully illustrate my sheer, magical excitement at having four-digit debt. Maybe a picture of a trumpet? Would that make it clear?

Toot toot!

Anyway, this came in several ways. First of all, I decided to hold off on my car payments for a wee bit and allocate that money to my student loans. I over-paid my car payment for a few years so I technically don’t owe until March, which means I can safely funnel those funds to my loans which have a way higher interest rate (5.25% vs 3.99%).

I also worked a political canvassing job for two weeks, which meant I spent my evenings and weekends knocking on doors and harassing people into voting (they did not love that). I had one old guy literally tell me to get off his lawn! I wasn’t even on his lawn but I appreciated the folksy nature of the request.

So with that all said and done, here I am! Sub-$10k! Hell yeah!

I also had an interview for a weekend job! And I have another one coming up this week! My dreams! are! happening!

I also sold my Apple Watch. I wasn’t using it. And some other shit I wasn’t using, like my bike helmet (my bike was stolen so I won’t need it) and some clothing that has just been sitting around. I’m going to begin running out of things to sell, but thankfully my roommates have plenty of things. Haha kidding.

I AM SO EXCITED! My dreams WILL become reality!

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