I’ve been kicking ass at my goals (except for my goal of having less ass)

Since starting this blog approximately 1 post ago, deciding to sell everything I own, quit my job and uproot my life, I’ve been incredibly motivated. I took up another part-time temporary job and have been canvassing on the weekends and evenings, which is super cool because not only am I working hard for a cause that I’m passionate about, I’m also making extra money! I paid an extra $450 to my student loans, which is super exciting. Once I decided that I’m no longer waiting on public student loan forgiveness and trying to just ride out my loans until I’m dead, I have this renewed vigor and excitement to Stop Paying Fucking Interest. This drive to pay my debt off as soon as possible has become truly insatiable. I’ve applied for a number of part-time evening and weekend jobs that I can start after this election season, have been cutting down on my eating out, and won’t shut the hell up about my journey to financial independence. I’ve become truly insufferable, socially, but this is the price we all pay for my happiness. Just kidding! Sort of.

Honestly, canvassing was a big step for me. I was nervous to engage in hundreds of awkward conversations with strangers, accosting them in their homes. I almost bailed on the job, but I decided to go for it because my dreams are bigger than my fears. Or whatever.

So far here is the progress that I’ve made:

Current savings: $8,149.56 / $35,000

Weight goal: 1 /100 pounds

Car paid off: $0 / $4769.22

Student loans: $616.66 / $11,307.96

As you can see, I’ve made minimal progress on my weight loss goal, and none progress on my car note goal. There’s several reasons for this. First of all, I have been eating like shit. Because I’ve been busy, but also mostly because I’ve been lazy. My goal for this week is to get back on low carb and stop eating like a dumpster person. Lofty goal, I know.

Also, I really want to get a job at a local gym. I think it could be threefold-ly awesome: I would no longer have to pay for a gym, I would be more motivated(?) to work-out(?) because I’d already be there(?), and it would be steady weekend income that would be pretty low stress. Same theory, but for coffee shops. I’m also applying for coffee shops. It would be less “healthy” and more “relentlessly jittery” but I would save money, make money, and again, relatively low stress!

This week I’ve started reading (listening to) Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass and I don’t love it. It’s a little woo-woo for me, but I’m not giving up on it yet, because it’s already downloaded onto my phone and I’m on like chapter 18.

So yeah, progress! It feels good! I feel motivated! I’m going to go apply for another weekend job.

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